Eric Neuscamman


Principle Investigator

303 Gilman Hall

(510) 664-7827

Eric enjoys reading books and playing games.

Leon Otis


Physics Graduate Student, joined 2017

Project: Wavefunction Optimization Algorithms in VMC

B.A. in Physics, Computer Science—Mathematics from Columbia University

13 Gilman Hall

Leon enjoys reading fantasy, science fiction and history, as well as playing strategy games and watching mystery movies.

Rebecca Hanscam


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2018

Project: Excited State Specific CASSCF

B.S. in Chemistry, Mathematics from University of Puget Sound


35 Gilman Hall

Becky spends all her free time in the mountains running, backpacking and camping!

Rachel Clune


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2018

Project: Excited State Perturbation Theory

B.S. in Applied Mathematics and B.A. in Chemistry from University of Rochester

8 Gilman Hall

Rachel enjoys playing her flute.

Scott Garner


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2018

Project: Electronic Structure of Core-Excited States

B.S. in Chemistry from The Ohio State University


8 Gilman Hall


Scott is a devout fan of the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeye football teams, as well as a fervent fan of the Cavs, Cleveland Baseball Club, Columbus Blue Jackets, and of course Cal Bears (Go Bears). His other hobbies vary regularly, with a half-life of a handful of days.

Tarini Hardikar


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2018

Project: Self-Consistent Framework for Excited State Mean Field Theory

B.A. in Chemistry, Mathematics from Colby College

37 Gilman Hall


ORCID: 0000-0001-7877-1911

Tarini loves baking as well as solving and constructing crosswords. She is also heavily involved with the CGLC and is currently working on making the graduate admissions process at Berkeley more accessible.

Connie Robinson


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2018

Project: Quantum Monte Carlo with the Generalized Variational Principle

B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science from Caltech

37 Gilman Hall

Connie loves biking, doing puzzles, playing board games, and taking care of her tomato plants. She is involved with CGLC: her current project is developing a Safe Zone Training for our department!

Sonja Bumann


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2020

Project: Embedding Theory

B.S. in Chemical Physics and B.A. in German from UC Davis

37 Gilman Hall

Sonja’s hobbies include running, drinking fancy coffee, traveling, and petting dogs!

Harrison Tuckman


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2020

Project: Excited State Coupled Cluster, Non-Orthogonal Configuration Interaction

B.S. in Chemistry and Computational & Applied Mathematics & Statistics from William & Mary

35 Gilman Hall

Harrison spends his free time playing piano, singing, and playing games.

Kat Muloma


Chemistry Graduate Student, joined 2021

Project: Embedding Theory

B.S. in Chemistry from Hope College

NSF GRFP Fellow, Chancellor’s Fellow

8 Gilman Hall

personal website

Kat enjoys reading radical science fiction, making pour overs, painting/art, and soaking in the sun at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

George Liu


Chemistry Undergraduate Student, joined 2021

Project: Excited state energy calculations of solvated molecules

George occasionally enjoys depositing thin layers of carbon atoms onto his sketchbook, dramatically increasing the entropy of his chessboard, and watching his family’s chickens roam the backyard when he is at home.

Neuscamman Group Alumni


Lan Tran, Ph.D. (2018-2021) — Researcher at Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Physics

Peter Walters (Miller Fellow, 2017-2020)

Nicholas Blunt (2016-2017) — Fellow at St. John’s College, Cambridge

Graduate Students

Jacqueline Shea, Ph.D. (2016-2021) — Postdoc in the Martinez Group at Standord University

Beatrice Van Der Goetz, Ph.D. (2015-2020) — Scientist at QSimulate

Sergio Pineda Flores, Ph.D. (2016-2020) — Computational Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Luning Zhao, Ph.D. (2014-2019) — Dalton Fellow in the Li Group at University of Washington

Haochuan Wei, M.S. (2016-2018)

Undergraduate Students

Brianna Aguilar (2020-2021) — UC Berkeley Alumna

Elise Gwin (2019-2020) — UC Berkeley Alumna

Isaac Craig (2018-2020) — Graduate Student at UC Berkeley

Paul J. Robinson (2016) — NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Columbia University