In the Neuscamman Group, we believe that scientific progress is best served when people from all groups and communities have equal access to the world of scientific research. A key component of our mission is therefore to improve inclusivity within our research area and within science more generally. Scientists are people first and individuals have unique identities that extend outside of research.  We believe that this diversity is ultimately a driver of scientific excellence.  Indeed, the persistent issue of under-representation in STEM is not only unjust, it also hinders innovation by limiting the perspectives brought to bear on scientific problems.  It is our responsibility to act on this issue, both by fostering an inclusive group environment and by engaging in outreach initiatives within the wider community. Below you will find a word cloud summarizing what we value in our group environment, some examples of the diversity topics we discuss during group meetings, and some links to outreach activities we participate in.

Diversity Minutes.

We allocate time during each weekly group meeting to discuss various topics relating to diversity and representation, mental health, and cultural issues pertaining to STEM research. Some examples include:

Community Outreach.